Success Stories

JANUARY 2019 Stanton CA
Anthony in Temecula started talking to home buyers about this plan. He inspected a home in Stanton, CA and found it has an old broken whole house fan. He also noted that the home has no air conditioning. (It is near the coast but in a warmer climate). He has arranged for us to give a quote to the seller to repair the fan. Anthony will receive $100 for his part in getting this contact when the order is paid for. 

FEBRUARY 4 2019 Norwalk CA
Anthony in Temecula inspected a home without air conditioning in a fairly warm climate and the buyer told him he wanted to install a whole house fan. The buyer’s father was there and asked to be quoted on as well.  The father’s fan will be quoted immediately and installed whenever he wants. The buyer’s fan will be quoted at the same time. It will not be installed until after the buyer moves in. Anthony will receive $300 for each order when they are paid for. 

FEBRUARY 10 2019 Hemet CA
Anthony in Temecula inspected another home without air conditioning and a defective fan. 

FEBRUARY 12 2019 Temecula CA
Craig in Temecula has been very successful with other home buyer programs and he is planning to start this program in February.