InterNACHI Dues Paid

If you already have a membership in InterNACHI this program will pay your monthly membership dues. If you pay yearly, this program will pay you 1/12 of the yearly payment each month that orders come in for fans or solar.  If you do not have a membership I will help you get one. Membership in InterNACHI is required for this program. 


First be sure to send an email to me at InterNACHI  with subject line “I am a home inspector”. After I make at least one sale to one of your buyers I will not only send you the commission on the sale but will also send a payment to InterNACHI for a month of membership for you. This will continue as long as you are active and we make sales. 


This program continues to pay you for sales made to your buyers. You will be informed about all correspondence with each buyer and you will be paid 10% of every purchase made for a period of one year from the date of your inspection. As an example, a whole house fan costs on average $2500 to install. You will be paid $250 for each order. 

Please call me with any questions! Kurt at 951 296 3611