About Kurt Shafer

This is written for all inspectors to learn how I got here.

I got my inspection license in Nevada in 2004. As an inventor I created the world’s first webcam software, SnapNSend, in 1995. You can see the first picture taken here  http://kurtshafer.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/surfline-1996.jpg

In 2008 I learned about whole house fans and I started selling them then. Since that time I have pleased many customers so I now have many excellent references. Here are some – http://thorwaldsonwholehousefans.com/testimonials/

In 2004 I got an inspection license in Las Vegas. I inspected homes there and in the Los Angeles south bay until 2008 when I moved to Temecula.
I had a great year then – joined BNI and got 30 inspections in October. That was a peak – I was so busy I could not network fast enough to keep it up.
I learned about whole house fans and started making them and selling them.
I am an engineer and an inventor. I saw fans as a way to break free from inspections and become a manufacturer – I was 64 then and knew I did not want to inspect homes forever.

Fast forward to 2019. I am now the holder of a patent on the first rooftop whole house fan in history for homes with no attics. I have been asked by Tractor Supply to start selling in their stores. I met Jonathan Budd, a young entrepreneur in Del Mar, who started POWUR to sell solar all over the world. I am now one of his advisors. His is a network marketing system so I am looking for people like you to join my team.

In the meantime, I was called years ago by an ADT reseller who told me that if I just ask the home buyers if they wanted more information on home security and gave him their names, he would pay me $200 for each order. That was the nucleus of my present system.

Present day opportunity
First – I have achieved a goal that you might have thought about more than once – to make an income without the daily inspection grind. We know that having others work for us is the path to that goal. If you have other inspectors working for you, then you chose to do a great job marketing so you can employ others. I chose to do a great job inventing so I can employ others.

You might have a dozen or more inspectors working for you who very likely have similar ideas and needs. Each one looks at you and sees a future they would like. Each one wonders, like I did and you likely did, how they can get out from having to crawl under and over homes.

I have the solution for you to provide to them and to yourself – use your daily activities to gather leads for sales of other items that will pay you and your inspectors commissions that could exceed the income from the inspection.

Here are the facts – solar power deals are well known to pay $500 finder fees – these are all over town. Whole house fans retail for about $1500 and cost me $800. So I can easily afford to pay you a much as $300 per order for either solar or fans. You can see that is far more than the $100 or so that is here on another page on homeinspectornews.com – I did that with a plan.

If you have multiple inspectors working for you, you offer me a fast way to get inspectors going to gather leads. I offer you an instant connection to the best products on the market and great income. Isn’t it time we talked more?

Kurt Shafer 

951 296 3611