Whole House Fans

As a home inspector you know that in some climates a whole house fan can save $100s in energy costs every year. There are hundreds of models of whole house fans available from thousands of sources. But they all come from just about a dozen sources. For a quick look at these sources and for a yearly update on the latest advances, go to http://www.WholeHouseFanGuy.com 

You will be pleased to know that this income program will offer only the best whole house fan and at the best price available. You might have heard that QuietCool is the best – not any more. New sources now have more performance.


Thorwaldson is now the leader with both a high performance rafter mounted whole house fan PLUS a breakthrough in a rooftop mounted whole house fan.

Above is an example of a mid century modern home that is in downtown Los Angeles and, until now, was unable to install a whole house fan because it has no attic. 

Above is an example of a flat roof home in San Diego. You can see the homeowner was desperate enough to install a whirlybird – a good gravity ventilator but a poor whole house fan. 

Above is an example of the millions of mobile homes all over America. Many of these cannot get the interior temperature down without running high cost air. 

Above is a typical New Mexico home – no attic. 

You can see you have a huge opportunity to add income to nearly every inspection and in nearly every town in America.