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Kurt Shafer here, home inspector like you, to show you how you add income to nearly every inspection. 

Home buyers trust us

They select us over all the competition to help them get the best home they can.
They  appreciate our advice about the best upgrades they can add to their home.

Here is how you add income – don’t sell just tell

Ask if they want more information on whole house fans or solar power- 
When they say yes, just send their contacts to me and I do all the work. When they buy you get paid. 

Here is what one inspector did in just two weeks – worth $800

Anthony in Temecula started working this system in January 2019 and has already sent in 4 buyer names for whole house fans. Two are repairs on old fans that don’t work and two are for new installations. These orders will be worth $800 to Anthony when they come in. That is nearly twice what he made doing the inspections because one inspection resulted in 2 leads, father and son. 

Get started now – get income as fast as you can

Starting is simple. If you are a one man show, do what I do – put a line on your agreement
“Do you want more information on how to save $1000s each year? _________________
This program is proven to work and is guaranteed to make you more income this year. 

Have questions? Call me at 951-296-3611 any time.

Below is what the flyer looks like. Get the PDF here